Follow Me

An SNC Premium Calling Feature

With Follow Me, your calls to one number can also follow you to other phones.

Follow Me allows you to forward calls by ringing additional numbers if you do not answer the first number called. For example, if a caller rings your home number when you are at work, Follow Me can call your office number and then your mobile number. You can even set Follow Me to ring all of your phone numbers at the same time.

Here’s how it works: After signing up for Follow Me, you establish your settings through the My SNC web feature. You can choose whether Follow Me should ring these numbers sequentially (and in what order) or simultaneously. Change your preferences whenever you wish to accommodate schedule fluctuations such as vacations. You never have to miss another important call again, and your callers don’t have to try number after number in order to reach you.

We know you’re always on the move. With Follow Me, your calls can easily keep up with you.

Sign up for a Bundle and get Follow Me for FREE.

To sign up for a bundle or order Follow Me as a premium calling feature for just $3.95 per month, call 402-245-4451.

High Speed Internet is required for use of Follow Me.

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