SNC Welcomes First “Fiber To The Home” Customers

Southeast Nebraska Communications welcomes Jim and Shirley Kelsay as our first Fiber To the Home (FTTH) customers in Falls City. On Monday, May 10, SNC cutover Jim and Shirley’s service from the existing copper line to the new FTTH connection.

Pictured from left : Ray Joy, Beth Sickel, Shirley Kelsay and Dorothy Towle

We are excited to begin our customer cutover from the existing copper lines to our NEW Fiber To The Home. Once each customer’s cutover is complete, each resident or business will have their own direct “non-shared” fiber connection. This direct “non-shared’ fiber connection provides every customer with their own dedicated fiber optic line for their phone and internet service. This dedicated FTTH connection will provide amazing quality, reliability, and speed for phone and internet service.

We are currently working on the cutover in the northwest area of Falls City, North of 21st Street and West of Harlan Street. Our daily timetable is to cut over approximately 10 to 15 customers per day from copper to FTTH.  Our goal is to have all customers in Falls City cutover to the new FTTH by the spring of 2011.

Our utility contractors, Telcom Construction and CCS are continuing to bury the fiber optic cable and install the ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) on the outside of homes and businesses.

We are pleased to offer our customers the latest in fiber optic technology.  FTTH will elevate SNC customers to a level of service that is currently only available in much larger cities, while bringing an added value to the quality of life in Falls City.

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