Conference Calling

Conference calling is a versatile and efficient way to streamline the process of conducting multi-location business meetings. At Southeast Nebraska Communications, we now offer a variety of conference calling options to help you communicate effectively and increase productivity. With conference calling, you gain the ability to involve more people in more conversations, while spending less time and money on travel expenses.

One of the conference calling options we offer is our conference center bridge. This routes each conference call participant's phone line through sophisticated equipment to even out volume levels and improve call quality.

With conference calling, participants can call into a pre-assigned toll-free number or designated number to join the conference. Because this is a fully-automated service, no operator assistance is needed.

Southeast Nebraska Communications Conference Calling is:

  • simple to use - quick and efficient
  • secure digital lines
  • available to anyone
  • no additional equipment needed
  • only $.15 per user, per minute of total use
  • easy billing

Find out how your business could benefit from the increased use of conference calling by calling us today at Southeast Nebraska Communications at 402-245-4451.

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