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This feature-rich service is delivered through our Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network which provides the quality and reliability you've come to expect from SNC.

SkitterTV available through SNC is not cable or satellite; it’s so much more! You’ll be able to watch live local stations and all your favorite channels plus HD; pause, rewind and fast forward live TV; we even offer a Whole-Home DVR option. Check out our packages and features below or visit our Bundled Services page for more details.

  • SkitterTV Plus: $66 when bundled with phone and Internet - Our SkitterTV package offers all the channels you love. With more than 80 channels to watch, including locals and special interest, you’ll always have programming available to enjoy.
  • SkitterTV Lite: $30 when bundled with phone and Internet - Why pay for channels you don’t watch? SkitterTV Lite offers only the 18 most popular networks including ABC, CBS, NBC and more.
  • FREE HD: High definition channels are provided to our subscribers for FREE!
  • Set Top Box (STB): STB is required for each TV. The first set STB is FREE and any additional is $5.00 each.
  • Whole Home DVR: Record and watch your favorite shows from any TV in your home!
    • Whole Home DVR is available for $10.00 per month.
    • Access recording options from any room with a STB.
    • Record shows on your Whole Home DVR from any room with a STB.
    • Record up to 4 TV shows at one time while watching "live" TV.
    • Pause and rewind "live" TV using your DVR.

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Television Sun Outages:

  • Twice each year, the sun is positioned directly in line with the antennas used to receive television programming. This positioning may cause programming interruptions as the sun's energy overpowers signals transmitted by the satellites. Your TV may become black or show "VideoSetSinkError" on the affected channel(s) for several minutes at a time between March 1st and March 8th. Customers will not need to take any action. Programming will resume automatically.

Stop in our office or give us a call at 402-245-4451 for more details!

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Can we do better?

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