Web Space

Personal Home Page
FREE up to 3MB of disk space
Must have an account with Sentco.net.
50MB of disk space $15.00/month
One-Time setup charge $15.00

Non-Profit Organizations
FREE up to 3MB of disk space
Must have an account with Sentco.net.

Customers will receive file transfer protocol(FTP) access allowing for easy access to the server for updates. All pages must be provided in HTML format.

Usage Sensitivity:
Accesses beyond 10,000 per month will be charge at $10/month per 10,000 accesses. It should be noted that few web page are ever accessed more than 10,000 times per month. Note that each access of a page, logo, or graphical images counts as one access.

Southeast Nebraska Communications reserves the right to revise, reject or cease publication of any web advertising at its discretion. Advertising is billed one month in advance. Web space cannot be subleased. Rates subject to change at any time without warning.

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