IMAC G3 & G4 Setup

  1. Open up your Hard drive.
  2. Open Assistants.
  3. Open Internet Setup Assistant.
  4. Choose Yes to Would you like to setup your iMac to use the Internet?
  5. Choose Yes to Do you already have an Internet account?
  6. Click the right arrow on the Introduction page
  7. Type sentco in the What would you like to name this configuration? Make sure the modem button is selected. Click the right arrow.
  8. Select the correct modem and port settings on the Modem Settings page. The default should be okay. (consult your documentation). Click the right arrow.
  9. Fill in the correct phone number for your local connection, 2452705. Fill in your login name,
    and password from your signup sheet. Click the right arrow.
  10. Choose No on the PPP Connection Scripts. Click the right arrow.
  11. Choose No on the IP Address. Click the right arrow.
  12. Enter and Enter each DNS address on a separate line. Enter for the domain name. Click the right arrow
  13. Enter your email address and password. Your address should be the same as your login name followed by ( Click the right arrow.
  14. E-mail account and host computer information should fill in automatically for you. If not, enter your account ID (your login name), and the mail server names; SMTP: and
    POP3: Click the right arrow
  15. Newsgroup Host Computer You can change this to or leave as is. Click the right arrow.
  16. Choose No to "Do you use proxy servers…?" Click the right arrow.
  17. Make sure your phone line is connected to your iMac. Choose Go Ahead on the Conclusion page.
  18. After your modem connects. Open Browse the Internet which starts Internet Explorer.
  19. Click on edit and choose Preferences. Click on Home/Search.
  20. Change Home Page address: to Then click OK and you are surfing.

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