High Speed Internet Services

Put the world at your fingertips with our state of the art fiber-optic network. SNC’s High-Speed Broadband Internet plans offer the best value with dependable, secure and direct fiber connections. Our fiber-optic based Internet service provides High-Speed Internet access experience that is competitively priced while giving unmatched reliability and performance. Couple this with SNC’s local, friendly customer service, you can enjoy your Internet the way it was meant to be!

How Much Internet is Enough?

A few things to consider when deciding how much speed is right for you, your family and home.

  • How many people (users)?
    • The recommended amount for each user at one time is 5Mb
  • How many devices will be connected at the same time?
    • When you connect a device to the internet it will use approximately 5 Mb depending on the usage (i.e. video streaming, emailing, downloading pictures or surfing the internet). If you have a 12Mb connection, this device is using 5 Mb and that will leave approximately 7 Mb left for any additional devices. Remember that devices include ipads, laptops, desktops, game consoles (Wii, Playstation, etc) internet connected TV’s, cellphones if connected to your wifi and security systems.
    • When you add devices to your home network, consider moving up to a higher Internet plan to prevent buffering.
  • How will you be using your internet on these devices?
    • Different applications use different amounts of bandwidth.
      • Streaming of HD videos, watching TV/video clips, real time online gaming and downloading of pictures and videos consume the most bandwidth.
      • Emailing and basic internet surfing typically use the least amount of bandwidth .

Recommendations for Internet Speeds

12 Mb download / 1Mb upload: Best for 1 to 2 users online at once for emailing, music downloads, social networking and basic surfing.     

25 Mb download / 3 Mb upload: Best for 2 to 4 users online at once for an overall online experience usage such as downloading and streaming full length movies and extreme gaming.     

50 Mb download / 5 Mb upload: Best for 4 to 6 users online at once for advanced internet usage such as gaming in real-time, downloading HD movies on more than one device at one time.   

100 Mb download / 10 Mb upload: Best for 6 or more users online at once, get lightning fast downloads on every connected device. Do what you want when you want with multiple devices at one time.   

SNC offers high speed Internet services through our Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network which provides customers with a dedicated connection. This means you don't share your Internet with your neighbors so you always enjoy super-fast speeds which start at 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

Internet Plan 12 Mb / 1 Mb  25 Mb / 3 Mb  50 Mb / 5 Mb  100 Mb/10 Mb 

Internet only pricing when Bundled

N/A N/A $90.00 $130.00
Internet with Voice and No Long Distance $50.00 $60.00 $75.00 $125.00
Internet with Voice and SNC Long Distance $45.00 $48.00 $60.00 $100.00
Internet with SkitterTV, Voice and No LD $45.00 $48.00 $60.00 $100.00
Internet with SkitterTV, Voice and SNC LD $45.00 $48.00 $60.00 $100.00

Bundle your Internet services with a landline phone for only $45/mo. Visit our Bundled Savings page for more information.



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