How to Set Up Sentco E-mail on an Apple Device

NOTE: This tutorial will be done using an Apple iPad 2 running iOS 9.2. Other Apple devices running iOS 9.2 will follow this tutorial almost precisely. Other versions of iOS will differ slightly, but will follow the same basis of the steps listed below. Note that this tutorial applies only to theĀ stock mail application, NOT users of the Gmail app. For these users, our Gmail tutorial can be found here.

Step 1: Getting Started

First, navigate to the home screen and tap the "Settings" icon. Ensure that you have a stable WiFi connection for the duration of the setup.



Next, tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and then tap "Add Account." On the next screen, select "Other" as your account type, then tap "Add Mail Account."















Step 2: Account Info

On the next screen, enter your account information. This will include your name (as you'd like it to appear in future e-mails), e-mail address, and password, as well as a description of the account for later reference. After entering all account information, tap "Next".



Step 3: Server Settings

On the next screen, select "POP" as the account type at the top of the window. Next, fill in each of the fields that appear below. Your username should be identical to your e-mail address for this process. For both the incoming and outgoing mail servers, enter "" Once all of the fields have been completed, tap "Save." At this point one or more notifications will appear stating that the account cannot be connected using SSL or that a secure connection cannot be established. Tap "Yes" anyway and do not cancel the process.


That's it! Your Apple device is now configured to send and receive e-mails from your Sentco account!

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