How to Set Up Sentco E-mail on a Kindle Fire Tablet

Step 1: Open The E-mail App

First, navigate to the "Apps" section. Then tap the "Email" icon









Step 2: Account Information

If you are setting up e-mail for the first time, type in the email address of the account you want to add. If you already have an account, you'll need to add an account after the app opens. Click "NEXT" or "DONE" depending on which route you're taking. On the next screen, you'll need to type in the password for the account.













Step 3: Add Mail Server Name

On the next screen, select the "POP3" tab, then type "" in the "POP3 server" field below, then fill out the remaining fields and tap "NEXT."












Step 4: SMTP Server Setting

Advance through each of the next few screens while verifying that the settings for the account are correct. Under the "Outgoing server setting" header, enter "" in the "SMTP server" field.













Step 5: Security Settings

Next, tap the "Security Settings and Ports" menu.  Ensure that the settings on screen match the image below. In the "Port" field for Incoming Security Settings, enter "110." For the Outgoing field enter "587." Finally, tap "SAVE."













Step 6: Test and Finish

Kindle will now attempt to connect your e-mail server and confirm your settings. After completion, you'll see the "Setup Complete!" screen. Your Kindle Fire is now ready to send and receive e-mail from your Sentco account!


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