Fiber To The Home

Southeast Nebraska Communications is continuing the installation of Fiber To The Home (FTTH), at no extra cost to you. This fiber optic technology is the most advanced available and will replace yesterday's copper telephone wire.

FTTH Fast Facts:

  1. Did you know there will be approximately 510 miles of fiber optic cable buried for SNC's Rural FTTH project? This fiber optic cable will be buried to every home and business in SNC's rural service area.
  2. Did you know that SNC monitors your FTTH backup battery to make sure that the battery is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days at week, 365 days a year? We will replace the battery, if the battery fails, at no cost to our customer.

Falls City Gets Wired: Fiber Optic Nearly Complete:

(From the Lincoln Journal-Star, February 20, 2011) FALLS CITY — “Ride the light.” Southeast Nebraska Communications uses that phrase in its advertising to encourage people to take advantage of its new fiber optic network. Officially called Fiber To The Home, or FTTH, the system uses hair-thin strands of glass, arranged in bundles or cables, instead [...]

For more information on our FTTH upgrade, please feel free to call or stop by our office with any questions you may have.


Falls City Update:

The installation of FTTH in Falls City is 99% complete.  We have cutover approximately 1450 residences and business from our current copper lines to the new FTTH technology. SNC is 99% complete with the cutovers for the Falls City project. Once each cutover is compete, all residential and business telephone and internet services will be transmitted over the fiber optic cable.

Telcom Construction is 100% complete burying the fiber optic cables in Falls City. If you have a question about the completion of the fiber optic cable buried to your home, please call our office at 402-245-4451.

SNC Welcomes First “Fiber To The Home” Customers

Southeast Nebraska Communications welcomes Jim and Shirley Kelsay as our first Fiber To the Home (FTTH) customers in Falls City. On Monday, May 10, SNC cutover Jim and Shirley’s service from the existing copper line to the new FTTH connection.

We are excited to begin our customer cutover from the existing copper lines to our NEW Fiber To The Home. Once each customer’s cutover is complete, each resident or business will have their own direct “non-shared” fiber connection. This direct “non-shared’ fiber connection provides every customer with their own dedicated fiber optic line for their phone and internet service. This dedicated FTTH connection will provide amazing quality, reliability, and speed for phone and internet service.

For more information on the FTTH project, please call 402-245-4451.

Fiber To The Home FAQ's

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